Focus. Independence. Tailored approach. Reputation.

When we founded Emergence, we knew that we had the opportunity to instill our firm with an attribute that could ultimately be our most enduring competitive advantage – our values.
We are devoted to providing unmatched advisory services to clients based on high quality independent financial expertise. Our Business Principles are our values and articulate the Firm’s culture and how we engage with clients. Our entire culture is predicated on trust and experience. Emergence’s professionals share an uncompromised dedication to excellence and integrity.


Emergence is focused only on high-value added advice. This strategy gives us unique knowledge and expertise by participating in some of the most sophisticated and complex transactions in North Africa to date.


Emergence Partners is privately held and our independence allows us to provide wholly objective and pragmatic advice on strategic options for clients ranging from corporates to professional investors to family businesses.

Tailored approach

Emergence’s distinguished approach and the team’s vision focus on providing a tailored execution to our clients. The full client commitment and entrepreneurial spirit allow us to deliver the service uniqueness we are committed to delivering.


We know that over the long term, the relationships we build will determine our reputation and our ultimate success as a market leader. Our reputation is of an utmost importance to us. We want to treat our partners fairly and honestly, recognizing that each interaction is to us a pledge of seriousness and commitment.

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